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The 1950s is the key theme that has inspired our collection, from quotations taken from masters of design such as Fornasetti, Ponti and Wagner, to the mastery of local craftsmanship. Infected by the enthusiasm that led the design of that period to experiment with forms, colours and above all materials, we challenged ourselves to develop a new way of understanding contemporary design. Decoration that was once naive has become a conscious act that integrates with forms. Lines and geometric motifs take over meticulous objects. Armchairs and tables follow the same line of thought. The almost exasperated decoration represents the eclectic accent that defines rational forms. Unique pieces accompany the Baxter collection. These authentic items of furniture come with a certificate of origin; they were found during on-the-ground research and were made between the 1930s and 1960s. They were selected based on suggestion or intuition as to the potential the object would reveal once it had been transformed, thanks to a partnership with the rare few connoisseurs of restoration techniques and French polish finishing. This technique has now fallen into disuse due to the care and time required, and has been replaced by lacquers that detract from the wood instead of using veneer to add shine to the various different varieties. Finally, the doors and drawers have been decorated with the cult patterns of that period, bridging the gap between fashion, architecture and design and accommodating the geometrical lessons of the time in both their decoration and forms. Optical colours, macro whites and blacks and pinstripes have been chosen with variations on both the theme and size, extra small or extra large. These pieces have been silk-screened and decorated by hand with graphics and resins in accordance with the whims of the artist’s inspiration and are therefore like paintings: every piece is different and unique.




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