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Marina is renewed and returns in 3.0 version with new volumes, brand new materials and elements that are even more characterising including the innovative door with laser edge with its outstanding aesthetic effect thanks to the "borderless" effect. The particular technology applied to the edge of the door in laminate, in fact, allows a total absence of visible joints or glues. Marina 3.0 is a project, an idea which is expressed to interpret an environment and its diverse practical needs: a pragmatic design that allows space to be creative and for personal taste, in all its forms. With the new "Marina laser" the kitchen returns to being at the centre of the house, as a space of conviviality and thus it opens the sociality of domestic places through new compositional solutions, redesigning details, shapes and materials according to the new style. The new elements introduced such as the handles, the frames of the open compartments, the glass units and the monoblocks in laminate of considerable thickness, permit the designing of environments that are very personal, attentive to the very last detail. Among the most important debuts is the 15 cm thick Monos Top, configurable as an operating zone which extends into a snack bar, creating a beautiful play between heights and materials. The wall units of Marina 3.0 can be integrated with the geometrical structure of the Cloud open elements, while the bases with a reduced depth of 30 cm, are useful for designing a two-sided island. The Garage glass unit then adds an additional touch of lightness and light and can be applied to tall units and wall units finished with glass inner shelves. The surfaces in wood and tops with wide thickness highlight the natural beauty of the material that makes even the most rigorous design unique.




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