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The Skin collection is part of a scenario produced with extremely innovative materials that have contributed to changing the concept of interior design. The products are semi-finished and coated with decorative sheets of paper dipped in melaminic resin. The colours and finishes offer a wide range of multiple solutions with materials that perfectly reproduce the veining, colours, and also the feel and perception of materials as they appear in nature. The element that distinguishes Kronospan Italia manufacturing is that of representing the complexity and elegance of nature through the SKIN collection. This genuine material, with its natural, identifiable origin, is the source of inspiration for the production of the latest Design novelties, such as for example, Calabianca and Giada, which subvert the traditional ideal of covering, proposing a material decorated in various tones. Calabianca is a surface finish that reveals hidden pearlescent tones and offers refined coloured appearances to the careful glance. Its reference to the world of cement and resin renders it a superb interpreter of urban aesthetics, combining minimalism and modern design. Decorations in the Giada finish offer a prestigious extremism, being faithful at the same time, to a natural element such as stone, since the natural component strongly influences the choice of materials, coverings and furnishing elements. The four colours offered (Vega, Diadema, Sirio and Orione) are explosive in their genuineness, revealing the most profound nuances in a sort of changing game of luminous reflections. The quality of the senses is that of live material, never cold or bare, possessing its own intrinsic balance, present to the same degree in combination with the wooden elements. Naturally presented wood, is the element from which the Dolcevita and Sagade surfaces come to life. The Dolcevita finish interprets the eternal beauty of traditional wood such as walnut (Caracalla Naturale, Deciso, Fumo, Ardesia) which, combined with very contemporary chromaticity, is rendered more suitable for warm and modern living atmospheres. The softness of the veining, which occurs with an almost obsessive strength, enhances the almost three-dimensional optic effect which recalls natural materials. Sagade is a surface that reproduces the “saw effect” and is even more faithful in its creation of a link between modernity and tradition in the wood that covers the living spaces, thanks to the variety of colours on different types of wood, among those most popular at the moment. To remain in the field of genuine products, the Nottingham and Mirò finishes, respectively oak and ash wood with both light and dark tones, show a relief pattern created using the “synchronous pore” technique, by which the carving of the pore on the melaminic panel is achieved at the same time as the print itself, lending a very natural tactile effect to the surface. Finally, the Murano surface introduces a new way of considering metals by imagining new contexts of use, such as for example furniture surface and design elements. The effect is that of a silky and opaque surface which, thanks to the use of a particular process, lends depth to the design and the colours themselves.




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