If a person spends most of their time in higher-quality settings, then their quality of life will also be improved. This is the vision of design that inspires LAGO and can be summed up in the words ‘Interior Life’, an expression that indicates both our inner life, meaning the emotional sphere of each and every one of us, and the life of interiors, that is the life we lead in offices, homes, hotels, hospitals and schools; spaces that need to be planned with design that makes us feel good. Even neuroscience has long confirmed that the environment around us has a profound influence on our interior life. We therefore need to enter in empathy with our living spaces. We need to establish a relationship, or even better, an interior resonance, between ourselves and the space around us. Starting from this inspiring principle, LAGO has developed a modular design that works as an alphabet to be used to furnish spaces in harmony with our own interior lives.



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