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A graduate from the Ecole Boulle (1978-1984), Bruno Borrione worked for a year with Nemo (design agency run by François Scali and Alain Domingo) and took courses at UP6. In 1985 he joined the team of Philippe Starck and participated in various projects in Japan (Nani Nani, Asahi) or the United States for Ian Schrager. There he met Kristian Gavoille, Bruno Lefebvre, Franck Argentine and Anda Andrei, and became close friends.
In 1989-90, he worked for the agency of Jean-Michel Wilmotte in renovation projects – the Louvre and the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon. He realized parallel personal projects such as the showroom and ready-to-wear Balmain shop, gourmet restaurant and the hotel Jardin des Sens in Montpellier (in collaboration with F. Turpin, for brothers Jacques and Laurent Pourcel.
Finally, Bruno Borrione renews its collaboration with Starck and became his chief of interior design department. Thus began the era of “major projects”: Hudson Hotel (New York), Delano (Miami), Mondrian (in Los Angeles) or St. Martins Lane and Sanderson (London) for the hotelier Ian Schrager; Alain Mikli boutiques (New York, Paris, Dusseldorf, Tokyo) and Benedikt Taschen (Paris, Los Angeles, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, New York, London, Miami), Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro Fasano, among others.
In late 2008, while pursuing some collaboration with Philippe Starck (Taschen shops, SLS Hotel Sam Nazarian in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and others) Bruno Borrione decided to devote more time to his own projects. He realizes Le Placide, Saint-Placide in Paris, the Intercontinental Hotel in the Avenue Marceau, the Palacio Avenida hotel in Palma de Mallorca and starts a multi-year collaboration with Anne-Sophie Pic leader (renovation Hotel and gourmet restaurant *** in Valencia, creating the grocery store in Valencia, the Dame de Pic in Paris). Alongside private residences (Beirut, London, Los Angeles, etc.) continues to develop mainly hotels and restaurants in Paris, Madrid, London and New York. He was also in charge of Les Avisés on behalf of the champagne house Selosse, La Table Ronde in Paris Nicolas Chatenier, or the restaurant Stephanie Scene Quellec.


Nation: FRANCE



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