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Lombardini22 was born in 2007, when six specialist professionals came together from different backgrounds, united by a shared vision and mutual values of respect, esteem and client-focus. Today the Group is headed by seven shareholders, striving for design quality and solid, mutually beneficial relationships, with colleagues, clients, specialists, suppliers, allies time and time again in achieving the optimum end result, through partnership and mutual support. 
Over its 10 years in business, Lombardini22 has taken a leading role on the Italian architecture and engineering scene, with a team of over 180, now Italy’s third largest design firm in terms of turnover. The firm operates internationally through five brands: L22, dedicated to architecture and engineering, with its Urban & Building, Retail and Engineering & Sustainability business units; DEGW, a leader in workplace consultancy and interaction between physical space and business performance; FUD Brand Making Factory, specialised in Physical Branding and Communication Design; CAP DC dedicated to Data Centres and Eclettico for hospitality and residential luxury design.


Nation: ITALY


  • Collaborative Design: Cibic Workshop e Lombardini22

    Lombardini22 and Cibic Workshop are working in partnership, combining their strengths and taking on new challenges with widened perspective, bringing greater skill, richness and creativity to the design process. This is a collaboration that, whilst maintaining their individual identities, will...





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Riflessi at Design Week 2017

Milano Design Week 2017

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