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Millimeter Arkitekter is a firm of architects founded in 1996, and its head office is in Stockholm. They offer broad expertise in architecture and interior design both in Sweden and in the international arena. The enormous experience of analyses and technically advanced planning are just two of the top fields, of their work providing maximum benefits to our clients while keeping the solutions as economical as possible. Millimeter Arkitekter are one of the most experienced firms of architects in Sweden working with commercial properties and premises: hotels, restaurants, shops, offices and care and nursing. They work with existing premises, as well as offering renovation and new construction services for buildings of all sizes. With more than 75 hotel projects they can be considered the leading hotel planners in Northern Europe. Millimeter also manages with the private sector, renovation and new construction, apartments, houses and summer residences, as well as complete interior design solutions. By the moment they are focusing on reducing the impact of buildings on the environment and human health, a practice known as green building.


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