A workshop for integrated planning, fruit of a team of professionals with a baggage of experiences in architecture and industrial design, united to a figurative ability that extends itself to the fields of communication and the arts. The Studio, active in architecture and engineering as well as in design and multimedia graphics, spaces from the complexity of urbanism to the management of a logotype, or the design of products and atmospheres that represent the specific identity of a client. Disciplinary synergy, innovation, experimentation and project personalization make possible the evolution of a language that does interpret reality in its complexity as a cultural product of its time. The team of the Studio Rodighiero is constituted by architects, engineers, designer, graphs and technicians besides a qualified series of external collaborators for the planning of lighting, HVAC and energy saving, that become involved since the first phases of the design process: Ing. Giovanni Rodighiero Des. Francesco Rodighiero Arch. Massimo Rodighiero Geom. Maurizio Bruno Prof. Enrica Gostoli Geom. Matteo Guarnieri Ing. Louis Taiwo Geom. Marco Tavelli


Nation: ITALY



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