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Articoli tecnici per l'industria del mobile: livellatori, piedini, reggipensili, reggibase, reggipannelli, reggimensole, gambe per tavoli



    ERCOLINO SYSTEM is the new range of kitchen legs with front adjustment. Camar shows how quick and easy it is to adjust the legs of a kitchen base unit, using only a common screwdriver! This can be easily managed despite the reduced space between cabinet and floor and the loading of a good 150…

  • ART. 436-437-471

    New trend in kitchens The kitchens shown on Eurocucina 2015 have confirmed the current trend to reduce the height of plinths in order to give more elegance to the kitchen composition and save more space in base units. Furthermore, nowadays design requirements tend to ask for cleaner forms, with the…

  • 436

    This is the motto and challenge won by Camar: the rapid and simple adjustment of kitchen base units by a simple hexagonal screwdriver, with no need of visible holes in the inside part of the cabinet. Thanks to the new 436 leg series, patented by Camar, it is finally possible - to use a common…

  • ART. 817AU

    Camar present a new version of their 817 series hanging bracket, which represents the perfect union between safety and easy fixing. Its particular technical features make the new 817 AU bracket extremely easy to assemble, even allowing fully automated installation on the cabinet assembly line. In…

  • 814.35

    All the technical and innovation skills of Camar can be seen in their new panel hanging bracket 814.35. They are able to include, with a thickness of only 10mm, multiple adjustment ability and an anti-drop safety system. The 814.35 bracket is particularly suitable for mirrors and wall panel…


  • Legs with adjustment from the front Ercolino System at Sicam 2017

    Camar's innovations are revolutionising the principle of adjustment in base units all over the world, thanks to the new Camar Ercolino System series of legs with adjustment from the front. The levelling of all the legs is easily managed using only a common screwdriver; including the least…

  • Camar: innovative technological solutions for any requirements

    Camar S.p.A., a leading Italian manufacturer in the field of furniture fittings, offers on the market a wide range of products to level, suspend and secure every piece of furniture. Specialized in design and production of hanging brackets for wall units, base cabinet hanging systems, panels,…



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