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Cizeta è una solida realtà, con alle spalle 30 anni di esperienza e valori con radici ancora più antiche. Cultura del legno, cura artigianale del dettaglio e delle lavorazioni, ricerca della bellezza e della funzionalità, nella migliore tradizione progettuale e industriale italiana.



    Cizeta is a robust firm, with thirty years’ experience under its belt, and values that are even more deep-rooted: carpentry culture, craftsmanlike attention to detail and processes, seeking beauty and practicality, following the finest of Italian design and industrial tradition. But Cizeta also



    Right on the beach , on Via Levantina , Almar is a unique facility for its size, exclusive services and concept, an absolute excellence and news for the destination . An area of 12,000 square meters beachfront , 197 rooms with a connected wellness center. To complete the offer there are the


  • YARD

    Is a seating collection made up of chairs, stools and armchairs in wood. The feature that unites all three of these models is the large upholstered backrest that gives great comfort to the product, in addition to representing a clear, distinctive sign. The seat upholstery is framed by a structure


    A contemporary design inspired by the constellations, as its name suggests, the Sagitta is an armchair with a great personality, suited for furnishing home and contract environments with a unique style. A perfect mix between ergonomics and design, the Sagitta is characterised by a peculiar

  • ROK & ROLL

    The Rok & Roll chair embraces the philosophy of the designer of Sensual Minimalism. It is free of excessive embellishment and is instead defined by its movement. The seat is made of two soft upholstered planes made by flame retardant polyurethane, that are connected at the central hub, allowing


    The Prisma seeks out its creative identity in rationality. All its geometric lines have been carefully studied to give a direct and futurist visual impact without neglecting comfort. Its special aesthetic lines express something positive and new that combines simplicity and an elevated technical

  • PAD

    The second generation of the Pad family, this chair maintains a rigorous and geometric structure with simple lines that are carefully studied lines in their every detail. The legs which are shifted slightly outwards guarantee perfect stackability. The chair is offered in two different materials:


    This armchair has its structure in natural solid walnut, specially varnished and available, upon request, also in other materials. The elegant and minimalist lines of the wood are matched to the warmth and softness of the seat and the upholstered backrest. Its precision-made joints and fastenings


    Light and comfortable, this chair takes advantage of the thin cross-sections of its wooden elements in a game of high artisan craftsmanship. The purity of its structural design is emphasised by the seats in fabric and interchangeable upholstery. The Ginger is an eclectic seat: it allows storage by

  • CARRE'

    The Carrè is an armchair designed to furnish home and contract environments in a clear and modern style. One’s attention is immediately captured by the particular geometric structure in beech wood and by the thin legs that turn into armrests, merging into one another and creating a special


    Aston has a transversal style collocated between the classical and the modern. Trendy and contemporary, it offers inspired contributions from Shaker style and the Nordic School, combining structural lightness with timeless design. Solid and comfortable, it is the fruit of long-standing artisan

  • ARTU'

    Elegance and British royalty, the Artù is a timeless seat that recalls an entirely Italian tradition and design, to furnish environments with a sober, modern style. Its minimal and compact structure of refined production of wood material emphasises the importance of the seat. Produced in both a



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