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LÕattivitˆ di Desalto si iscrive nella tradizione produttiva della Brianza che dagli anni Ô50 arriva ai giorni nostri. UnÕarea privilegiata in cui i maestri del design italiano hanno trovato terreno fertile unÕimprenditoria caparbia ed appassionata. I fondatori di Desalto sono tra quei produttori che hanno contribuito a diffondere nel mondo unÕidea di prodotto basata su unÕinesausta ricerca tecnica e tecnologica, al servizio di una maggior funzionalitˆ.



    From the 1950s to the present day the activities of Desalto have always been seamlessly part of the production tradition of La Brianza, an exceptional area in which the masters of Italian design and of the “Made in Italy” have found a breeding ground in a determined, passionate enterprise culture.…



    The OMA designed Nhow hotel opened its doors on January 10, 2014. Nhow Rotterdam is the third nhow hotel to open after Berlin and Milan and has a focus on art and architecture.  The hotel aims to function as a platform for artists, designers and new talent. Artworks which are displayed in the hotel…


  • IKE

    the Ike collection stems from an all-oriental inspiration: Ike, in fact, stands for Ikebana. Fascinated by the ancient art of the Japanese masters, the designer Victor Vasilev has created a stool which reintroduces an interesting contrast—typical of this technique—between the luxuriant freedom of…


    The small table Icaro 015, available in diff erent sizes and fi nishes, reproduces the slim and discreet silhouette of the table, while the “connection slide” for the legs give it a more geometric line. Even in the “small” version, Icaro 015 houses under the top a drawer which, positioned fl…

  • 288/chair

    Sinuous and without corners, clean and functional, the chair “288”, named after the number of holes which characterize it, represents the ideal solution for a light seat with great robustness.


    Tender is the progenitor of Desalto extenting tables. After more than twenty-five years it is still an unequalled example of design; harmonious union of rationality, genius and formal expression.


    Ethereal side tables with various dimensions and heights, characterized by a sinuous cutting that other than the aesthetic beauty allows many compositions.


    “A section of the bench has flipped up and turned into the backrest. Poles wrap around each other to become a coat stand. By adding flipped, bent and wrapped details to metal sheets and rods, the ordinarily hard metal gains new functionality and a light, flexible feel, as though the metal…


    “A section of the bench has flipped up and turned into the backrest. The ordinarily hard metal gains new functionality and a light, flexible feel, as though the metal has become paper or cloth”. Nendo

  • SAIL

    The original Sail project has evolved and generated a system offering multiple solutions to support ultra flat and curved screen tvs, even of large dimensions. Essential and light, Sail lets the images be the protagonists, but even when everything is turned off it is a sophisticated and elegant…

  • NARA

    “Comfortable, cosy, pure. Four thin aluminium legs sustain wide upholstered seat and backrest, able to convey through their shape a sensation of attractive confort that draws you to seat on”. Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

  • HELSINKI/table

    The project concept for Helsinki is so precise and strong as to continually allow new directions for this collection, which has long been one of Desalto’s bestsellers. A big assortment of dimensions, finishes, materials and accessories give rise to a large family that discreetly enters every…


    Archetype frame, wide range of materials, finishes and dimensions make Helsinki side tables the perfect passepartout for every ambience and function.

  • FAN

    A clear concept gives life to a rigorous yet expressive collection. “The leg consists of a simple plate that a fold and a counterfold make structural, becoming its characteristic detail, taking on a very interesting industrial language”. Piero Lissoni

  • ELEMENT/rectangular table

    Element is a strong, poetic collection designed by sensitive, visionary Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka. The heart of the Element project lies in the single central support for the table, a metal parallelepiped that is reminiscent in its form of the minerals and quartzes found in nature,…

  • ELEMENT/round table

    Magically suspended between earth and sky, Element goes beyond the mere function to take a prominent place as a sculpture in an environment. A project that is particularly complex from the engineering perspective, in which all Desalto’s skill and experience in the working of metals are expressed.


    25, an archetypal table, absolutely essential, designed by Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners. 25, which refers to the consistently slim thickness of the top and leg, which is, needless to say, 25 mm. An avant-garde table, awarded in 2014 with the “Compasso d’Oro”, the most authoritative design award in…


    Steel rods softly twist, becoming a coat hanger that goes further the mere functionality and becomes a sculptural object. Coat stand in steel bar, matt white lacquered.

  • SKIN

    Marco Acerbis strengthens his partnership with Desalto by creating Skin: a fixed or extending table with a distinct graphic and nevertheless delicate style which is a manifestation of the company’s know-how in manufacturing the aluminium and producing the mechanisms, in a perfect fusion of form,…

  • SAND

    A classic from Desalto collection is also making a comeback – the Sand chair – in the new fabric version which gives it a more informal appearance. On the occasion, the chair is presented in bright colours, its casual look breaking up the understated mood of the entire range with contrasting…

  • MAC

    Mac table: designed by Cerri, a model project, sophisticated, essential and realised through an architectonic cut, where geometry and construction become pure expressionism. Tables in extruded aluminium frame and die-cast structural joints. Tops in 8 mm toughened glass, ceramic, laminate or wood.…

  • KOKI

    The duo Pocci + Dondoli has designed Koki, a chair inspired by the contract world which can also be perfect for domestic spaces. Koki is a seat with a thorough fusion of attractive design and technology. Harmonious details and lines create a shape which appeals whichever way you look at it.…

  • ICARO 015

    Alongside the new products for 2015 Desalto has reintroduced a historic piece from its collection, the Icaro 015 table, designed by the duo Caronni + Bonanomi in 1993, which is preparing for challenge of coming years with a more rounded and slim line and a more attractive appearance. The drawers…


    The Iblea table is a harmonious synthesis of technology, elegance and dynamism; laser-cut steel plates fluidly work together to support the top. Table with steel base, tops in toughened glass or MDF matt white or matt black lacquered.

  • CLAY

    Clay is a table-sculpture born of the encounter between two volumes: the top and the base balanced one on the other, a daring experiment in resting on a surface reduced to a minimum. A perfect blend of beauty and harmony of proportions, Clay sets out to be an object capable of defining the space…




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