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  • MACO: home security begins from small choices

    Cupboards, bookcases, kitchens can be safer thanks to an innovative shelf support developed by MACO which avoids the accidental tilt of shelves causing damages to people and objects. Security can be born from small choices which are perfectly hidden inside any furniture: a value for the…

  • PUSH LATCHES 0496/7/8/9

    Innovation, technical and aesthetic research are the principal motivation in Maco’s daily work, leader in the production of push-latches, enriched now by a new high design push-latch. The design of the new push-latches Maco 0496, 0497, 0498, 0499 is based on the use of easy and essential lines.…

  • PUSH- LATCHES 0476/7/8/9

    Product families are growing in MACO’s home. The company, leader in the production of innovative push latches with particular care to the design and functionality, has recently updated the 14mm-stroke versions 0476 (with neodymium magnet) and 0477 (with shock-absorber) with the new 37mm-stroke…

  • CASTORS 60mm - 80mm

    Chairs, armchairs, carts, beds, containers, dressers, desks and any piece of furniture need reliable and secure castors to move around the house or the office. It is important that every castor respects quality requirements to rotate, scroll, twirling, brake and support for a long time, perfectly…

  • 0951

    The new shelf support 0951is white, brown, black or light grey, because it aims to match with any colour in any furniture. Thanks to the metal pin and to the high-quality nylon housing, it’s very strong and grants excellent stability. Very easy assembling: you just need to make a hole in line with…


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