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La storia di Potocco inizia nel 1919, quando Domenico, nonno dell’attuale amministratore unico Antonino Potocco, dà vita in una piccola bottega artigiana alla attività di fabbricazione sedie, per giungere ai giorni nostri come marchio di rilievo nel settore della produzione internazionale dell’arredo e del contract made in Italy.



    1919 saw the beginning of a small artisan workshop manufacturing chairs, founded by Domenico Potocco and his Sons. Today Potocco S.p.A. is one of the most important chairs-producers in Italy and abroad. Its technological plants grant large quantities and very high quality products. By long



    The new building in the Korean capital’s Central Business District, designed by Heerim Architects & Planners, is also home to the city’s best choice of event venues ranging from elegant ballrooms to myriad private entertaining options. Opening his first shop in Korea within Four Seasons,


    The interiors of the new Excelsior Hotel Gallia have been created with great attention being paid to the choice of materials, textures and details, and there are powerful references to design and to the Milanese lifestyle, with a nod to the timeless elegance of Art Deco being added in the shapes



    Candy is a chair that combines a strong graphic mark together with sinuous and elegant forms. The soft padded structure rests on tapered ash wood legs, emphasizing Potocco’s know-how. Thanks to its modern design and with clear memory references Candy fits easily into the house and the public places.

  • WELD

    Lightness and elegance are the characteristics of the Weld table collection, designed by BGR Industrial Designers for Potocco. The structure is simple, yet unique: the base, in chromed or painted metal consists in three tubular curved elements, which guarantee a perfect stability in spite of their

  • VELA

    The Vela collection – composed by chair, armchair, lounge and sofa, and very peculiar due to its particular weaving pattern – stretches its collection with a brand new version: both the back and the seat can be upholstered with a soft padding in different fabrics and colours. This new model is able


    The outstanding comfort is the main strength of the brand new Purple sofa, designed by Marco Viola for Potocco. Sofas are not just a furniture element able to give personality to any living room, they have rather always been a place where to spend some restful moments with friends and relatives.

  • NOIR

    Aesthetics and elegance characterize the Noir cupboard, designed by Paolo Martinig for Potocco. The front of the cupboard, made by smooth and squared lines, has been now enriched by the new doors covered with sheets of pure copper, delivering a very elegant result. The raw frame in ash over the


    The Miura armchair reaches an outstanding degree of comfort despite its discrete dimensions. The curved details of the shell enable a comfortable support for the arms while the chair, since it does not have these features, becomes very smooth and agile. The Miura lounge presents a lowered back and


    Intreccio – the new living room table designed by Gianluigi Landoni for Potocco – owes its name to its web of wooden elements making up the table base. The three tops in MDF or aluminum compose the table top and their various sizes create a pleasant overall look and a nice contrast with the wooden


    A trendy return to the past: this is how the new EGO rocking chair can be defined. The side profile of the shell, made by solid wood, contributes to the harmonic continuity of the whole frame and sustains the two cushions, which can be upholstered either with the precious aniline leather or with

  • DIVA

    The living room cupboard Diva designed by Alexander Lorenz is very well-balanced, despite its several contrasts: indeed, the doors and the drawers follow a rounded line at its extremities, becoming completely in contrast with the geometric intersection of the legs that sustain it. The plenitude of


    The new lounge Dea, designed by Bernhardt & Vella for Potocco, falls within the collection bearing the same name, previously composed by a chair and an armchair. The contemporary design of the lounge is characterized by rounded and enchanting lines and allows to place these furniture elements

  • CAB

    The CAB coffee table tops are made of solid wood slats and are available in two sizes. The woodcarving of the top section – i.e. engraved inside and rounded outside – highlights the handcrafted value of these coffee tables designed by Mauro Lipparini. The shape of the sides creates a slightly



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