Atim: the maximum comfort in minimum space

published on: 1 marzo 2016
Atim: the maximum comfort in minimum space
ATIM Spa "suggests" for years solutions that help customer get the maximum comfort in minimum space. This word game is becoming more and more its slogan, which strengthens with time its identity, "transforming" the company from supplier to partner, at the offices of furniture companies of research and development of reference in Italy as well as in Europe, and production centers of worldwide furnitures. ATIM finds the solutions “listening” its customers, comparing with the architects who work with, stimulating this trip without limits and finally living daily at home, in the workplace, and in public facilities. This precious "fuel" allows the company to propose solutions that go even beyond the kitchen that the company presented at the SICAM fair, showing how ATIM accessories transform the living area, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and office. From now the transformables ATIM, which are made up of standard modules easily integrated, may be installed in the compartments ranging from mm 390 mm 600 so as to be placed in the different furnishing needs and situations.

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