Best technology and quality for coffee

published on: 15 dicembre 2015
Best technology and quality for coffee
N&W Group’s investment in the HoReCa sector has resulted in some remarkable products over the years, but its showcase at Host 2015 was truly exceptional. It was the perfect occasion to witness at first hand the truly impressive products N&W has to offer, all of them featuring attention to detail, refined finishes and impressive performance. That’s what makes Necta super-automatic machines unique, as highlighted by Karisma, which is now available in an elegant white version. Koro and Korinto Prime amazed visitors with their new designs and innate style. Elegant and sinuous, yet durable and reliable, these machines address the requirements of the hotel industry thanks to a winning blend of good looks and proven Necta technology. The most significant new product from the Sgl brand is Trophy. It’s ready to electrify the OCS sector and that’s down to the incredible number of drinks that can be selected via its touchscreen. The extensive menu - unique for a machine of its kind - is available thanks to Trophy’s ability to work both with capsules and instant products. The 9100 from Wittenborg turned heads, too, thanks to its capacity to offer both filter coffee and espresso; its modern, intuitive interface; its 10-inch touchscreen and its wireless connectivity.



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