Céline and Carol: the sophisticated allure of two armchairs designed by ALIVAR

published on: 28 ottobre 2015
Céline and Carol: the sophisticated allure of two armchairs designed by ALIVAR
ALIVAR was founded in Tuscany in 1984. With its collections Home Project and Brilliant Lifestyle it is able to completely furnish a house or a public space. Through the Contract Division, Alivar has completed some important projects everywhere in the world. Alivar has taken care of the furnishings of public areas, banks, museums, hospitals, libraries, cruise ships and have also followed designs for cafés, restaurants, hotels, residences, nursing homes, schools. Many prestigious projects, such as the luxury residence in Courchevel, France and the first Hard Rock hotel in Europe, in Ibiza, Spain. Thanks to the active cooperation of architects and designers, the company can now also guarantee large supplies for luxury residential complexes all over the world, with interior decoration and furnishings made by ALIVAR.
Among the new 2015 products, ALIVAR has introduced Céline and Carol armchairs, both designed by the Architect Giuseppe Bavuso for the Home Project collection. A recognisable style in the whole production, characterized by a well-finished minimalistic design, attention to detail and an exclusive elegance that has made ALIVAR an international contemporary icon. 
Celine represents a synthesis of formal purity and functionality, while Carol is marked by sinuous shapes. Both the models, with clean and sophisticated lines, present a comfortable and enveloping backrest in order to give relaxing moments. They are made of selected and high quality materials. Two chairs perfect for contract and residential spaces, symbol of timeless elegance, and inspired by the classic Bergère reading armchair, reinterpreted in a modern way. Céline and Carol, along with other many novelties, are the proof of the quality and the excellence of ALIVAR, appreciated in Italy and abroad. ALIVAR: for those who love quality and luxury. 



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