CIFF 2016- Happy workplaces

published on: 1 settembre 2016
CIFF 2016- Happy workplaces
The 7th Global Office Furniture Outlook is the forum organized by CIFF and Edimotion, where international professionals and journalists of the office furniture sector will debate matters regarding happy workplaces. Personal satisfaction in the workplace leads to increased company productivity. Happy people love their jobs and feel involved in the company’s activity, they are more motivated and they work harder to reach the shared objectives; they are more creative and innovative. The office is going through a period of great transformation. Not only are job typologies changing, there are also changes to the very way in which work is organised and spaces are conceived. The “smart office” concept refers not just to production process optimisation by means of new technologies, but also, and particularly, to improving the individual quality of life of people in any context in which they conduct their activities. The workplace design trend is becoming progressively associated with satisfying the needs, the expectations and the rights of the individual. There is a new cultural revolution under way, one that envisages a new approach to design, with the person increasingly at the centre of the design, and her/his emotions as the most important factor, with the aim of generating happiness. Innovation and creativity in companies are increasingly becoming factors of success in making the business unique and different in a market that is becoming progressively competitive. Energising the way in which individuals are considered means giving new life-blood to the company’s business. In addition to this, it is much easier to be productive in a workplace that is cheerful, colourful, personalised and atypical, instead of one that is grey, rigid and boring.



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