Cinelli Piume e Piumini: many solutions for top-quality sofas

published on: 26 agosto 2016
Cinelli Piume e Piumini: many solutions for top-quality sofas
Cinelli sofa cushions guarantee long-lasting quality. They are composed of channels or square chambers: once the cushions have been stuffed the channels or chambers are closed and remain separate from one another in order to guarantee that the feathers remain neatly and constantly in place over time. This type of construction offers the opportunity to fill single chambers with more or less stuffing so that different areas of the cushion have different lifts. This also reduces, if not notably removes, the need for “plumping”, which is a frequent problem with normal cushions. Feather has constant, long-lasting resilience. Cinelli carefully selects its feathers from the best on the market and mixes them to obtain the ideal result in terms of softness, insulation and comfort for its feather cushions. In order to further personalise the product, ad hoc feather combinations are created specifically for cushions for seats, backrests, optional cushions and armrests, guaranteeing support and softness in line with the specific requests of each client. Other materials are used to stuff cushions, whether used on their own or mixed with feather, including polyester fibre flakes, milled polyurethane, latex pieces and Memory Foam granules. In order to improve the lift of the cushion a polyurethane nucleus, which is shaped using a computerised cut, can be used alone or in conjunction with steel springs.

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