Cipriani & AGB: the comfort of security

published on: 14 gennaio 2016
Cipriani & AGB: the comfort of security
From the historical collaboration between Cipriani Serramenti and AGB, leaders in the field, the first certified 41.8 Db, 60 minute fire-resistant door with magnetic electronic lock for hotels is born. A novelty that brings together in one product three important characteristics for every Hotel: safety, comfort and design. A careful choice of the materials to be used (type of wood, thermo-expanding gaskets, etc ...) and Cipriani's historical experience in the manufacturing of doors, have allowed the making of a door that, thanks to the 71 mm wing composed of solid wood edging and special sound-proofing panels, has a fire resistance of more than 60 minutes, while ensuring a noise reduction of up to 41.8 dB. The certification also extends to doors fitted with certified fire-glass windows.The quietness of the room is one of the major comforts required by hotel guests. Rock wool and gypsum board inside the door provide a noise reduction of up to 41.8 dB, isolating the room from external environments, even the noisiest. The same Twin Lock system guarantees an extraordinary silence in the opening and closing of the door. Cipriani and AGB's experience and continuous research have permitted the creation of a product with particular attention to design, able to satisfy any request. The totally internal production and technical assistance make for maximum customization of Cipriani doors, allowing the choice of finishes, accessories, models and sizes according to customer requirements, without compromising on quality and elegance.



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