Collaborative Design: Cibic Workshop e Lombardini22

published on: 20 novembre 2017
Collaborative Design: Cibic Workshop e Lombardini22
Lombardini22 and Cibic Workshop are working in partnership, combining their strengths and taking on new challenges with widened perspective, bringing greater skill, richness and creativity to the design process. This is a collaboration that, whilst maintaining their individual identities, will enrich both of the brands involved, with much to offer their clients too.

What’s it all about? 
CW and Lombardini22 are two firms with diverse identities, structures and market profiles. But they do share two things - their modus operandi, and the mutual and complementary values which have always underpinned their market approach: a thirst for innovation and development, a passion for widening design perspective, delivering the highest quality work, architecture and professional relationships, adopting innovative solutions to ensure client satisfaction. Both firms also place great value on culture, art and the younger generations. And it is on these shared values that this alliance is based – marking the beginning of a professional journey to integrate and enhance their strengths. 

How will it work? 
It’s all about sharing a workspace: the CW team will have its own identity space within Lombardini22. Physical and professional proximity, to encourage collaboration and mutual interweaving of knowledge and skills, incorporating different disciplines of architecture and design, integrating and expanding two distinct processes into a single, broad design journey. Lombardini22 boasts the structured organisation and high execution and delivery capacity that CW needs in order to manage projects of any size and complexity, throughout the value chain. And, in return, CW’s authorial expertise at the concept stage will enrich Lombardini22’s designs. Two firms supporting each other, to develop new business and face new challenges. Lombardini22 is especially pleased to welcome architect-creator Aldo Cibic, whose depth of thought and personal experience will inspire and educate the firm’s up-and-coming trainee architects.

International development 
CW is opening its San Francisco studio, in a region which is one of the world’s greatest drivers of innovation and change. Not only does this ensure the brand is firmly making its mark in the United States and North America, it also offers an outstanding opportunity to test the potential of the Lombardini22-CW alliance, as Aldo Cibic’s extensive network stands to generate small and large-scale collaboration opportunities for both firms. 
At the same time, Lombardini22 is constantly consolidating its European growth, and the partnership with CW will for allow home-continent collaboration, too. Structured international development is a priority for both parties, and this partnership should offer added value, a supportive, driving force in this regard. 

“The future of the world is working together for the common good. Standing alone is an old concept, joining forces is the very definition of integrated and ready for success.” Aldo Cibic, Founder of Cibic Workshop 
“We always welcome and embrace change: with CW we are bringing together complementary values and diverse experiences. But this isn’t enough for success: our integration must be based on shared principles. And we have much in common with Aldo Cibic.” Franco Guidi, Lombardini22 Partner and CEO

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