Connections | Connessioni

published on: 2 maggio 2016
Connections | Connessioni
After the success achieved individually in the past editions of Design Week, De Ponte Studio Architects and PRESSO are glad to present the event "Connessioni | Connections ", within their new location, located in Porta Nuova area, the current Milan’s nerve centre. 
The Concept is intended to communicate the rationale why today, in the design and creative process, you need to put in "Connection" the many aspects that make up a project, from materials to surfaces, from light to objects, until a "contamination" of genres and apparently different phenomena with each other, instead, create a harmonious vision and innovative environment. 
The setting is designed so that the sensory perceptions of the visitors are all stimulated by the physical qualities of the elements that will make up. Will consist of a mix of heterogeneous materials, natural and artificial, Light, Sound, Touch, Perfumes, Texture, Fabric, Matter, spectacularly in setting creates unique emotions. The set up is thought of as a Fractal, as a form, that is, repeated endlessly, which constitutes a form element multiplied to generate a complex scenario and articulated. 
With this event you want to consider the emerging rules governing the communication and experiential marketing within the scope of architectural planning and design, which provides, first of all, to deal with human emotions and motivations to the choice. This will be the heart of the event, the central body of the project where all the companies will dialogue partner in unison with the setting, creating a unique synergy.

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