DOMOTEX 2018: extensive enhancements announced

published on: 20 gennaio 2017
DOMOTEX 2018: extensive enhancements announced
Domotex continues to undergo further development and enhancement, featuring a new exhibition layout and the introduction of an annual keynote theme in 2018, plus an even stronger focus on trends and innovations. “This further development of Domotex in a number of key areas corresponds to changing market requirements and the industry’s continually evolving needs,” explained Dr. Andreas Gruchow as the responsible member of Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board. “We will throw an even more exciting spotlight on floor covering innovations and trends and offer added value for new exhibitor and visitor categories,” he continued. 

The new exhibition layout will involve a reorganization of product categories, providing trade visitors with even better orientation and a superior market overview. “Up to now we had been assigning exhibitors exclusively according to product categories. Many exhibitors however carry more than just a single category. Since the range of offerings from many exhibitors has undergone this development and the relevant product categories are increasingly beginning to overlap, while at the same time certain segments have also been growing rapidly over the last few years, we needed to make a change,” reported Gruchow. 

In addition to a new exhibition layout, Domotex will also create an inspiring atmosphere in which trends, innovations and lifestyle will come to life. “With the focus still squarely on floor coverings, the revamped show will sport a more holistic approach,” remarked Gruchow. “Visitors will be emotionally impacted and inspired. The new contextual layer will augment the show’s traditional offerings in a well-balanced way.” He said the new concept would involve annually choosing a theme for the event and making it tangible in a series of immersive activities and experiences. The chosen ‘frames’ are to be based on in-depth analysis of sweeping industrial and societal trends, one of which will be chosen to receive major textual and spatial emphasis at the next show. “The keynote theme will be a major thread running through all of Domotex, including during the run-up to the show and at the event itself. This will lend the topic of floor coverings even more power and radiance,” he concluded.  “Unique Youniverse” is the keynote theme for 2018, focusing on the ever-increasing process of individualization, which will express itself in years to come via the omnipresent search for self-determination and uniqueness, driving topics like selfreliance and the do-it-yourself economy. The industry-relevant aspect relates to more custom products and services, which can even be individually produced. Customers have a desire to be more directly involved in the design process. New and more sophisticated technologies are making it possible to create uniquely personalized customer experiences and a “Unique Youniverse”, said Gruchow.  

Finally, 2018 will also see a change in the days on which Domotex is staged. The new run of the show will be from Friday to Monday (and no longer Saturday to Tuesday). This means that Domotex 2018 will open on 12 January and close on 15 January. This corresponds to the preferences voiced by many exhibitors for the event to officially open on a Friday.



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