Domotex 2018: new concept is right on target

published on: 18 gennaio 2018
Domotex 2018: new concept is right on target
Domotex 2018 featured a fresher, more modern, trendier look and feel than ever. Running from 12 to 15 January in Hannover, Germany, the event sported an all-new site and hall layout, plus a new Friday-to-Monday run and an array of immersive displays exploring the lead theme of Unique Youniverse. This all added up to optimal visitor orientation and a fresh take on the world of floor coverings. As the world’s leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings, Domotex once again delivered top performance as a driver of new business, trends and innovations. 1,615 exhibitors and 45,000 trade visitors from over 100 nations traveled to Hannover to kick off an exciting year of business. The new Domotex was enthusiastically received by the global floor coverings industry, which sported a record number of exhibitors and a record amount of booked space (106,000 square meters), thus underscoring a tangible turnaround in the floor coverings industry. 

The special “Framing Trends” showcase in Hall 9 was where visitors could most fully experience the significance of “Unique Youniverse” as the exhibition’s keynote theme. Exhibitors, young designers and artists used Framing Trends to explore the topic of individuality in 20 different “framed” rooms. This special display proved hugely popular among attendees and offered a wealth of inspiration. “Framing Trends was a big success. Its fresh approach gave rise to lots of new ideas and made Domotex more attractive than ever,” remarked Gruchow. “This special showcase will therefore also be a key offering at future editions of Domotex,” he added.
A visit to Framing Trends was particularly high on the agenda of architects, designers and planners, who used this creative hotspot to gather new inspiration for their work – all the more so since Framing Trends covered the full spectrum of floor covering products.

More than 65 percent of the event’s 45,000 visitors came from abroad – around 60 percent of them coming from Europe, with some 25 percent from Asia and 11 percent from the Americas. Attendance from the United States and South and Central America increased. The majority of DOMOTEX visitors were buyers from specialist retailers and wholesalers as well as architects and interior designers and workers from the skilled trades. A strong increase in attendance was particularly evident among home furnishing and furniture stores, architects, interior designers, contract floorers and skilled tradesmen. As usual, Domotex visitors once again demonstrated a high degree of decision-making authority.