Eco-TQL: natural latex mattress

published on: 25 agosto 2016
Eco-TQL: natural latex mattress
Natural latex bedding products are the ideal solution for improving significantly the quality of sleep and life and, due to their technology, they are able to meet all the different needs and styles of sleeping. Natural latex mattresses, and Eco-TQL products especially, present high quality standards and offer a better flexibility and high comforts, keeping the backbone aligned in its ideal position, thanks to the mattress specific zoned structure. In fact, natural latex mattresses are perfectly suitable to the body shape offering a proportionate support to the pressure, evenly distributing weight, without presenting excessive compressed zones. Moreover, each mattress has an “open cell” structure that makes it completely breathable, so that it allows a complete and quick humidity evaporation of the body temperature. For this reason, it is perfect for people who sweat or feel a strong sensation of heat while sleeping. Also, natural latex mattresses are perfect to who suffers of allergies, since natural latex has anti-bacterical, anti-mite and anti-allergic properties as shown by many tests realized by important internationalauthorities, like the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and the Parisian Pasteur Institut. Test results say that natural latex artifacts are hostile environment for dust mites and contrast harmful allergens. Natural latex mattresses do not have any pressure points, in that way they facilitate flow of blood and allow the natural rest of body joints. In effect, they are perfect for alleviating suffers at backbone or as consequence of efforts and help to correct problems of scoliosis and posture. Eco-TQL srl offers a wide range of natural latex mattresses and pillows with high quality standards, unique and exclusive design, all made in Italy.



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