FLOU: all the beauty and goodness of Wellness

published on: 30 settembre 2015
FLOU: all the beauty and goodness of Wellness
Focus on 360° wellness in workshops open to the public 

Flou selected two cities for an informational workshop on a subject of major importance at present: wellness. The initiative was possible thanks to the involvement of the Sama Showrooms in Parma and Frattali Showrooms in Rome. They have matured a relationship of loyal collaboration for decades with Flou, the leading reality in the ‘culture of sleep’. 
 The workshops were held on September 17 in Parma and on September 25 in Rome; Guest speakers were Dr. Andrea Pasquini from the Department of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine at the University of Parma and by Dr. Ivo Pulcini, Health Director of S.S. Lazio and a specialist in Manual Homeopathic Postural Medicine. These illustrious experts presented the research and the results obtained by Flou, through its product development geared to greatly improve the quality of sleep and rest. The speakers interacted with the guests and provided them with personalized advice on posture, on the problem of insomnia and identified suitable instruments for achieving total wellness. The people present in the specially constructed ‘Flou testing area’ showed great interest and their reactions were extremely positive. The guests enjoyed first-hand experience of the innovative qualities and comfort associated with the Flou products, studied to achieve total wellness: namely, the Adaptive Mattresses, the Total Body System and the recently-developed Top Sense. The presentation of the articles to support good quality sleeping was extended to cover the new Flou sofas; original design features and the quality of the materials have been joined by a unique characteristic: the ability to transfer to the living quarters of the home the incomparable comfort that for more than 30 years has been the foundation of Flou’s know-how, and a guarantee of 360° wellness.

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