Rotary table bearings for design applications

published on: 5 maggio 2017
Rotary table bearings for design applications
Sturdy and maintenance-free rotary table bearings
Polymer rotary table bearings from Cologne-based igus are ready-to-install solutions that require no lubrication or maintenance. They are complete systems ready for installation, for smooth and silent sliding. Round table bearings from igus require absolutely no lubrication or maintenance. This design exploits the advantages of the “iglidur” polymer plain bearing range, tried-and-trusted by the Cologne-based company for over 30 years now. All the housing parts are made of aluminium (V4A stainless steel versions are also available), the counterfaces of the “iglidur” gliding elements are hard-anodized. All connecting screws are made of stainless steel. 

Large range, everything ready to install
According to the manufacturer igus, the round table bearings are extremely rigid, simple to fit, extremely wear-resistant, and the maintenance-free gliding elements can be exchanged. They are available ex stock within 24 hours in different sizes and versions. Manual clamp, drive pin and spacer rings are available as accessories. 

Clean, dirty and “design” applications 
The application spectrum of the lubricant-free polymer round table bearings is very varied. It ranges from “clean” applications e.g. in furniture (rotation of stools and cabin) or measuring technology to environments with a high level of soiling, such as in foundries. Many of these applications are manually driven but there are available systems with individual connection for automatic drives through gear wheels. Integrated systems ready for installation with extremely compact thicknesses, allow fluid and silent sliding, in the total absence of lubrication. They can be customized to push to the maximum integration with any design.

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