Ica Group: free to create at Sicam 2017

published on: 3 ottobre 2017
Ica Group: free to create at Sicam 2017
The ICA Group, a leader in the production of wood coatings and glass paints, offers technologically advanced and innovative solutions for the furniture industry with a low environmental impact. ICA studies new ways to express ideas, creates finishes and shades, combines signs and colors to bestow a decorative connotation on surfaces, which become the actual project themselves. The countless products featured in the ICA collection will be presented at Sicam according to their aesthetic proximity, offering an extremely wide assortment within which to operate and pick a range capable of characterizing any design project and satisfying any application need. The thematic areas are an effective way to propose new solutions, by analyzing changing market needs, striving for new forms, lines and colors, and developing an original home living culture. 

Modern Classic
Distinctive and personal signs that reflect a rigorous and passionate approach to furnishing. The interiors are warm and elegant: light bathes the objects making them come alive and enhancing their appeal. Satin-finish copper, dark wood, mortar, and matching lacquers create a novel atmosphere in the home. 

Contemporary Luxury
The style is dictated by a historical building, an intimate and supremely elegant atmosphere that evokes the charm of bygone days without relinquishing contemporary materials and surfaces. The existing oak floor is redefined with character by refined colors, gloss and matte lacquers, and sophisticated finishes. 

Industrial Loft
Dark and metropolitan colors, revisited vintage objects used in an unprecedented way, a clearly defined, attentive industrial recovery project featuring a succession of spaces awaiting to be transformed. The area of style emerges with brick walls and a cement floor, but also textured woods, oxides, and metallic effects. 

Natural Decor 
Nature as a source of inspiration that enhances the pleasure of home living. A home that also reflects our lifestyle choice: natural wood, mortar, white and green lacquered wood. Sober and linear forms, harmony as a reference value.

Sicam 2017: Hall 2 - Stand A44/B45

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