Interview with Luca Finardi

published on: 15 dicembre 2015
Interview with Luca Finardi
Luca Finardi, General Manager of Mandarin Oriental, Milan. The full interview is publish on Suite International, n.177, December 2015.

Suite: In Milan there is a fair competition of structures of high quality hospitality. In your opinion is it good or bad? 
L.F.: Certainly it’s good to have a good competition, to be encouraged to update and compare ourselves constantly, maintaining the level of service at the highest standard. Furthermore it's good for our wonderful host city, making it a destination with an international charm and competitive with cities around the world. Having a wide range of high quality services attracts more customers, used to interface with similar facilities on the international scene: this is exactly what we hope for Milan. Milan must be perceived as a destination for culture, fashion, design and especially leisure and consequently the presence of more international operators will help very much this new destination, especially after the EXPO. 
Suite: What is the most beautiful and interesting part of your job? 
L.F.: Meeting new people from all over the world: each character brings a history, a culture, a different vision that is able to stimulate and propose a new point of view. This continuous exchange creates a priceless treasure, as well as develops sensitivity and a deep respect for the realities that lie behind every life experience.

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