Laminam at Salone del Mobile

published on: 2 maggio 2016
Laminam at Salone del Mobile
Laminam, a specialist in the production of large-size, minimum-thickness ceramic surfaces for indoors and outdoors, has chosen the main event in the world of design, the Salone del Mobile of Milan, to tell its story, revealing all the uses of its revolutionary slabs in architecture and furnishings. 
In the setting of the International Bathroom Exhibition, Laminam presents a powerfully relaxing multifunctional lounge covered entirely with light-coloured ceramic surfaces in a truly impressive continuum: from the floor to the walls of a conceptual construction, to the large central top. The booth retraces the two souls of the company: the 1000x3000mm size in thicknesses of 3 and 5 mm used for floors and walls, and the 1620x3240mm size in a thickness of 12 mm chosen for all the horizontal surfaces of the kitchen and bathroom. The exhibition becomes a real inspiration for professionals in the industry, offering them the opportunity to recreate the multifunctional lounge in other common areas such as airports, stations, ships, spas and hotels. 
 Held in conjunction with Eurocucina, the LAMINAM FuoriSalone display in the showroom of Via Mercato 3, entitled “New Dimensions for Kitchens. The Very Essence of the Italian Kitchen”, focuses on large, high-end kitchens made using ceramic surfaces measuring 1620x3240mm, thickness of 12mm. The kitchen countertop at the centre of Showroom is the main focus of the exhibition space and at the same time hosts a series of technical and creative demonstrations on the many properties of the slab. The Italian character of the kitchen is expressed with the Laminam ceramics, which are recaptured in an abstract manner in the spot by Raffaello Fusaro, representing the value of technological and aesthetic research applied to horizontal tops. 
 A dual presentation that does not exhaust the energies of Laminam. In fact, the company demonstrates its strong ties with the world of architecture by taking part, as Supporter, in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. In the days of the vernissage, the company will also promote the discussion panel “Il Pianeta in Superficie” (The Planet in Surfaces) moderated by the writer and director Raffaello Fusaro. This panel will be attended by some influential names in the world of contemporary architecture, such as Gianluca Peluffo 5+1AA, Anupama Kundoo, Zhang Ke, Humberto Campana, who will fly over the world and explore the materials and methods, borders and creative utopias. Scheduled for 26 May 2016 at 16:00 in the Library of the Biennale, an integral part of the historic Padiglione Centrale ai Giardini, the event will give the company the opportunity to present the World Atlas Book: a limited-edition volume featuring the most exciting photos taken by the Florentine photographer Andrea Garuti of Laminam's leading projects worldwide.

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