Lectra: how upholstered furniture manufacturers can improve efficiency

published on: 20 luglio 2015
Lectra: how upholstered furniture manufacturers can improve efficiency
Lectra is helping furniture companies around the world improve their performance and increase efficiency. We provide a complete chain of dedicated software, equipment and professional services for furniture manufacturers. The entire production process is optimized, offering the perfect balance between each phase, thus boosting efficiency and ensuring reliability. 
Two tips to enhance your flexibility and agility  
- Improve your model and data management with a solution such as Lectra’s DesignConcept software. This automates design modifications to your models and their variants, ensuring that changes applied at the 3D stage of the design process are automatically applied in the 2D stage. Changes will be updated on the technical data sheet too, so that you can be sure that all departments are using the most accurate and upto-date information. The more you can automate your process, the more you can remove the risk of error, and the earlier you can be sure your data is reliable. You can also minimize the costs of any changes that come later on.
- Get the right mix of people, process and technology. Even the most skilled people won’t be able to work at optimum efficiency without the right tools. Innovative software alone is not enough to improve efficiency. And without effective processes, workflow will suffer. The ideal solution needs the right mix of all three elements. It is also important to ensure effective change management, so that all projects run smoothly, to get the best from your investment over the long term. DesignConcept Furniture is Lectra’s solution for designing, costing, 3D virtual prototyping and developing and industrializing upholstered furniture models.


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