Lectra: making visible quality for upholstered furniture manufacturers

published on: 26 agosto 2016
Lectra: making visible quality for upholstered furniture manufacturers
The center of the service that Lectra provides furniture manufacturers is the high quality. Today, products quality plays a key role to be able to stand out in such a complex and competitive market such as the current. The quality, however, implies an increase of costs for companies that isn’t always well understood by the end user, who continues to demand a wide selection at affordable prices. To work around this problem, Lectra offering tailored services based on three measures: eliminate mistakes, standardized procedures and ensure repeatability. Removing errors automatically increases quality. Standardizing processes ensures best practices are replicated throughout the workplace, ensuring quality, shortening cycles and reducing costs. Continuous improvement and repeatability make quality self-sustaining over the long term. Within this frame is inserted automatic cutting solution Versalis®, design to optimize leather cutting in order to double productivity while keeping the right balance among design, production constraints and cost goals. For Lectra, quality becomes one of the main differentiating factors and such must be considered in the production process, so that it becomes a visible element to the consumer.



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