Manhattan: the biofireplace inspired by New York City

published on: 15 maggio 2017
Manhattan: the biofireplace inspired by New York City
Biokamino, the Italian based company that manifactures of bioethanol fireplaces and burners, officially launches a brand new bio-fireplace: Manhattan. Biokamino’s range of floor bio-fireplaces, which was recently enlarged with Louvre and Vertigo, now welcomes a new vertical crystal fireplace, which instantly reminds of the typical New York skyline. Being totally transparent on all the 4 sides means you can enjoy the relaxing view of the fire burning inside from any perspective: this makes Manhattan the ideal solution for homes, terraces, gardens, particularly during spring time when evenings outside are not warm enough. The burner (BR280Q), entirely designed and manufactured in Italyfor a complete safety, was positioned at a half height on purpose. In this way, the lower part of the fireplace remains cold and it can be enriched with decorations or objects. Moreover, you can easily remove the supportive glass in any moment, either to add a statue or a plant, or to clean the glasses without any difficulty. The upper part is dedicated to the beauty of the fire: you can switch from the "Normal Mode" to the "Twister Mode" for a greater visual impact: the high and twisting flame gives a dynamic and spectacular effect. Even in the "Normal Mode", the flame is particularly high and dramatic, making this bio-ethanol fireplace a fantastic choice for restaurants and bars looking for an original and attractive combination between fire and crystal.

As Mr. Ferdinando Conte, CEO at Biokamino, explains: “Manhattan is a unique product, so elegant and with such an incredible scenographic impact. One of the main features we focused on was the possibility to add an object, a statue, a small plant or whatever in the lower part, so that you can change the look of Manhattan anytime you want. You can easily and quickly access this part thanks to the fact that it always remains cold. Opening the crystals and cleaning the glass internally is extremely easy and requires only a few minutes”. 

Thanks to a capacity of 4 lt. of bio-ethanol, and apower of 4 KW (in Normal mode) and 4,62 KW (in Twistermode), Manhattan can burn as long as for 7/9 hours (or for 6 hours in Twister mode). Its reduced dimensions (50x50x152 cm) make this bio-ethanol fireplace the ideal solution for any room in homes, bars and restaurants, both indoor and outdoor.


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