MoOD/Indigo Brussels: quality from all over the world

published on: 28 settembre 2017
MoOD/Indigo Brussels: quality from all over the world
MoOD/Indigo Brussels is a niche exhibition with about 4000 visitors, compact and to-the-point. No to be missed by professionals. Tour & Taxis, the restored early 20 century stately warehouses, located at the port in the city centre of Brussels, take up four whole halls, called Sheds, at the former goods station. The exhibition space is bathing in natural daylight thanks to the remarkable construction of the roof. Furthermore MoOD is being decorated in an inspiring way. Still there is a certain reserved atmosphere at the boutique show. Discrete, uniform and attractive stands make sure that the ‘product is the hero’. The fabrics and creations are in the spotlight. A concept that has been tried and tested that makes for an informal and relaxed atmosphere, high-class as a result of numerous beautiful highlights.

The collections being presented at MoOD and Indigo are focussed on the European market with exhibitors coming from all over the world. MoOD unites 14 different nationalities and the offer of Indigo hails from 17 different countries. Visitors arrive from the four corners of the planet. Europe remains most strongly represented with a percentage of 78%. Frontrunners are the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. The Scandinavian countries and Norway in particular showed the strongest growth this year. Non european visitors mainly come from Russia, China, India, Korea and Japan. Also visitors from Canada, the US, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, South-Africa and Mauritius find their way to Brussels. The quality of these visitors is particularly appreciated by the exhibitors. Three-quarters of them assign MoOD/Indigo a score of 75% or higher as it comes to visitor quality. A result of the know-how as it comes to attracting the right visitors.

MoOD/Indigo Brussels knows how to fascinate show visitors with a varied, inspirational offer. The trend show Passages, the Blue Drop selection, the Blue Drop Awards and most certainly the Innovation Platform all appear to be a must-see for professionals who have a finger on the pulse in our industry. The seminars attract a large audience and the guided walks are again fully booked. MoOD does not spare any cost to be ‘best of class’ in the exhibition world as it comes to inspiring and informing.  100 MoOD exhibitors, weavers and printers showing their new collections and designs, are joined by a selection of 25 Launch Pads. Add to that 10 exhibitors bringing their latest innovations to the New Materials/MoOD Tech area. Indigo Brussels gathers 100 studios from 17 counties showing high level surface and pattern designs. The Indigo Brussels exhibitors top 3: UK, France and Italy.



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