Mosaico+: great compositions for every project

published on: 24 luglio 2017
Mosaico+: great compositions for every project
Innovation in form and in the fresh use of materials, as well as a wide variety and extension of range are found in an extended, versatile offering in the renewed Mosaico+ 10x10 chip range, which combines the chips of the Vetrina, Doro, Concerto, Perle and Metal collections in a single assortment. A carefully judged selection of materials and shades, which can be combined for graduated colour effects, guarantees the utmost versatility in use, becoming a multifaceted matrix that inspires the creation of personalised projects for residential and commercial interiors. Mosaics thus express a new creative energy given concrete form through a structured, modular compositional freedom, in line with the Mosaico+ philosophy of offering single materials and colours with experienced guidance for the realisation of “made-to-measure” products Mosaics become a tool for stimulating fresh creativity, at the service of architects and designers: with the aid of the computerised mosaic technique and the experience of the Mosaico+ Projects Division, made-to-measure decorations and images with almost photographic resolution become possible. Contemporary design solutions, ready to use and highly adaptable, suitable for satisfying any design or functional challenge, are styled to dialogue with a variety of furnishings, materials and finishes, in line with the latest home design trends. Mosaico+ makes all its experience available to its customers to assist them in the development of the various phases of their projects, with a before and after-sales service comprising design and technical advice for the choice of the most suitable materials and sizes, analysis of the modular layout or the subject to be portrayed, and technical assistance and supervision during installation Mosaics is a unique combination of art, fine craftsmanship and industrial design: a simple covering steeped in history and rich in meaning, a contemporary form of communication to express emotions in colour and in material.

Artistic mosaics finds a place of its own in the Mosaico+ universe, offering only the highest level of personalisation and products of prestige. Juxtaposing chips, assembling fragments, selecting materials, adapting an ideal shape to a specific space with the utmost expertise: these are the actions that make each project created unique and unrepeatable. An artistic mosaic can only be done by hand, but Mosaico+ has succeeded in integrating craftsmanship with technology, adapting IT tools and advanced procedures typically used in industrial design to elaborate or develop requests made by clients during the planning phase. This was the genesis of ProgettoMosaico+, a section dedicated to the creation of various manual techniques for artistic mosaics. The headquarters are in Spilimbergo (Italy), in the heartland of the age-old tradition of Italian mosaics. The very concept of mosaics embraces the principle of juxtaposing a variety of materials; with the traditional artistic mosaic technique and the advice of a master mosaicist, it is possible to mix and match any type of material for an original visual effect.

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