New WABI SABI color collection

published on: 19 marzo 2019
New WABI SABI color collection
For 2019 Novacolor launches a new concept: Broken Nature, The Beauty of Time. Nature is understood as "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete beauty. Time is the artist who transforms nature by letting beauty express itself through harmony and simplicity ”.  

With the new Novacolor decors, spaces open up to new visions dominated by transience, because everything changes and everything is transformed. This is the ancient, but very current, concept of Wabi-Sabi, typical of Japanese philosophy and based on the acceptance of the transience of things. Furthermore, on the occasion of the Milan event, the new Mood Video will be launched, which will be promoted on all social channels. 
The goal of Novacolor is to communicate to the sector in which it operates, in particular to architects and designers, the need to review the entire system to immediately commit to designing, building and renovating with respect to environmental respect and sustainability of the materials used. Novacolor is already structured inspired by this philosophy with the aim of reactively influencing consumer habits and radically changing production processes with the creation of new products from biomass. Products "eat formaldehyde" and "titanium free" that not only respect nature, but also improve the quality of air in homes. During the Design Week in Corso Garibaldi 91 Novacolor will present many new features: Archi + Pietra, a powdered mineral plaster, based on natural hydraulic lime, aerial lime, decorative aggregates and rheological additives with a stone effect, ideal for prestigious coverings. It contains a lamellar silicate which, breaking down in application, gives life to a texture rich in micas of various sizes. In Archi + Pietra the rigidity and aesthetic rigor of solids coexist in harmony with the elegance, lightness and beauty of "imperfections". 
MATpassion Chalk Paint is an opaque decorative paint for interiors with very low emission of volatile compounds, free of formaldehyde and added plasticizers. Silky and velvety to the touch, it is ideal for decorating with shabby chic effects on furniture, furnishing accessories and walls. The following will be presented in preview: the new 2019 Stencil Collection, eight new stencils developed by Novacolor, a new application of Metallo_Fuso and the Wall2Floor Manteinance Kit, designed for the end consumer and made up of 3 components of the Wall2Floor continuous wall and floor system: a wax, a protective to refresh and restore the surfaces, and a detergent for daily cleaning. 
During Design Week, the Novacolor space in Brera will live every day with events dedicated to color and design, also in happenings dedicated to mixology and food. Moreover, for the first time, the new Novacolor Ambassadors 2019 will be officially presented, protagonists of a photo shoot dedicated to them and signed by the photographer Gianluca Cisternino.




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