Poltrona Frau awards the Excellent Shops

published on: 21 luglio 2016
Poltrona Frau awards the Excellent Shops
The Excellent Shop contest run by Poltrona Frau to reward the best Poltrona Frau Centres and Poltrona Frau Spaces is now in its third year. “Excellent Shop” is an award for retailers whose spaces are most in line with the style canons of the brand and whose management is consistent with the company’s guidelines and values. In 2015 all of the Poltrona Frau Centres and Poltrona Frau Spaces on the Italian and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) markets were evaluated on the basis of objective criteria. Only the very best were awarded “Excellent Shop 2015” status, with exclusive advantages. Retailers welcomed the contest enthusiastically right from the start and all worked hard to win the award, To be eligible, retailers must dedicate their showrooms exclusively to Poltrona Frau products, meet the minimum space requirements for displaying the brand and fulfil the minimum sales target for the previous year. Retailers were assessed on the basis of criteria connected to the showroom area, the Brand materials used (for example, brand identification elements such as the leather library, the plaster logo and advertising posters), decorative and visual elements and a number of key aspects relating to the management of the shop and service levels provided. A score was awarded for each evaluation criterion. The three Poltrona Frau Centres and the three Poltrona Frau Spaces that scored the highest were awarded “Excellent Shop 2015” status. The winners will be announced in an Italian market newsletter and in an EMEA newsletter, with photographs featuring the top-ranking shop in each category. Suspense is high for a contest that has excited the entire retailer network. 
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This year’s winners are:
Poltrona Frau Centres 
 1. Poltrona Frau Naples – Arredi e Design srl 
2. Poltrona Frau Turin – Altagamma srl 
3. Poltrona Frau Novara – Guidetti Arredamenti 

Poltrona Frau Spaces 
1. Carnaby – Lissone (MI) 
2. Oggetti d'Autore – Forlì 
3. Interni – Bergamo EMEA

Flagship stores 
1. Poltrona Frau Cape Town – South Africa 
2. Poltrona Frau Minsk – Belarus 
3. Poltrona Frau Vienna – Austria 

Branded Spaces 
1. Kehlbeck Einrichtungshaus – Oyten, Germany 
2. Inspira – Riga, Latvia 
3. Moebelhandel Jung E. K – Mainz, Germany

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