Ponzi: innovation in Hotel entrances and frames

published on: 14 dicembre 2015
Ponzi: innovation in Hotel entrances and frames
Innovation is essential, also in matter of hospitality. For this reason, architects, interior designers and providers of technologies for hotels are revolutionizing their projects to give their guests an increasing welcoming and sustainable environment. In this direction, Ponzi Entrances and Frames celebrates its 60 years of business in the window and door frame sector and in the automatic door industry as leading company for technological innovations and automations; from thermal break profiles to automations, for both sliding and revolving doors. The quality of products offered and the technology combined with the perfect design allowed Ponzi to operate as the leading brand in the hospitality sector in Italy, with references by thousands of hotels. Thanks to a complete chain of production, the company offers a full service, from the planning and the commercial assistance to the final implementation, with a complete range of products that satisfied the requests of quality and quantities with a high degree of comfort and a close attention to special projects realized according to architects’ and clients’ specifications, in compliance with the local laws and regulations on safety. Ponzi automatic door is an expression of Made in Italy and represents the quality, the creativity and the inventiveness that are typical characteristics of Italian handicraft; it meets the highest quality and safety requirements with attention to details and design. In the field of automatic devices, Ponzi stands out setting itself at the top also at the international level because of the high quality of its products, the perfect elegance, the custom-made projects according to the demands of the clients. The wide range of products includes linear and curved sliding doors, revolving doors and doors suitable to ensure thermal-acoustic insulation. Made of advanced materials and electronic parts, Ponzi doors are available in various finishes – aluminum, steel, wood, bronze, glass –are silent, reliable, with high thermal-acoustic insulation, and allow an high customization.



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