Riflessi: 2016 collections in the sign of "Artidesign"

published on: 25 agosto 2016
Riflessi: 2016 collections in the sign of "Artidesign"
The identity of Riflessi has experienced in recent years a rapid evolution: from the specialization in the production of mirrors to the production of a wide range of home accessories, tables and multifunction consoles, cupboards, chairs, in the sign of elegance and functionality. The vocation for the design remains unchanged and rooted in memory, in the artistic and handcrafted know-how in a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality and in addition to the great attention to sustainability. The results are furnishings with a rigorous style, which combine beauty and functionality, contamination of unusual materials and of different styles. This also allows a customized production, measured according to the needs of the clients, which generates objects identical but at the same time different, unique and original even if product of the industry.”Artidesign”, the craftsmanship-design combination, forms the heart of the collections 2016: a renewed face for products already in the collection, thanks to new and evocative materials and finishes, along with unpublished projects, created in collaboration with designers. A new version for the Shanghai table, the real best seller of the company, proposed with a methacrylate base and extra- clear transparent top and the Living table, with smoked glass top and base in graphite. Among the novelties, however, Medea and Velaquadra designed by Egidio Panzera, are characterized by a formal essentiality evokingneo-retro bourgeois memories and spaces, amongdeco citations, vintage and contemporaneity.A mix of materials in a continuous game of echoes and references, in an ever new dialogue between products and spaces that suit the different personalities of the clients. Medea, in particular, recalls the old sideboard in glass, in which the regular forms of the frames in solid wood incorporate a special processing: a profile in oak, with an irregular section of 6 sides, circumscribes volumes of different sizes and joins in every corner with 45° cuts, creating a facet diamond cut that comes from the hands of skilled craftsmen. Velaquadra, instead is composed by a base, a back, a top and of rectangular and transparent “sails”, like expansions defining the remaining sides of the volumes. The name is taken from an old type of sail boats with a rectangular shape and a truly unique design characteristic, around which a modular system of showcases has been created,formally reminiscent of glass reliquaries with transparent volumes. The “sails” pirouette around an innovative axis of rotation, a profile-hinge, which touching lightly the glass doors, will become the pivot around which to rotate 180°. The sides vanish and are replaced by glass doors, their corners are dematerialized and become accessible from all sides, in a game of discrete and elegant “sails” that, by opening, capsize without taking up space. Egidio Panzera also proposes new chairs, an area of ongoing research by the company, with the Glide Chair, inspired by the homonymous table, with the particulartwist of the legs and the emphasis of the wooden structure.Tailoring and wood texture characterize the chairs Sofia by the designers Stefano Sandonà and Sabrina Bettini. The silhouette with gentle and sumptuous lines reveals thecraftsmanship of the stitching details, the ergonomics of the backrest, the comfort achieved through the use of elastic belt on the seat and backrest.

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