Salone del Mobile.Milano 2018: work in progress

published on: 22 gennaio 2018
Salone del Mobile.Milano 2018: work in progress
As is now traditional, the Salone del Mobile will be back in Milan in April with an edition that will underscore yet again the fair’s huge capacity for innovation, the extraordinarily high quality of the goods on exhibit and its mission as a driver of business. More than 2,000 exhibitors will showcase enormously creative projects that marry design, technology, flexibility and sustainability to come up with products and solutions for contemporary living with a conscious eye to the future. Goods that seamlessly harness quality and creativity, thanks to the hard work, commitment and investment in research of the leading sectoral businesses. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is being held concomitantly with the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, split into the following style categories: Classic: Tradition in the Future, Design and xLux. The two annual exhibitions are flanked this year by the biennial EuroCucina and its collateral event FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) and by the International Bathroom Exhibition, drawing in an increasing number of companies that recognise the great importance of business and connections. Here’s what will be on offer. 

EuroCucina and FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) determine the trends and spark inspiration. The kitchen of the future will be an interconnected, multipurpose and professional place, yet one where emotions always run high. Contemporary design, technological innovation, next generation performance, energy efficiency and ease of use are the hallmarks of the furnishings and built-in appliances that will mark out the kitchen as the central hub of the home, the true original domestic hearth. Moreover, the wide range of extremely high-end products at the International Bathroom Exhibition caters to the increasingly pressing demand for high-performance products geared to rest and relaxation. The companies’ innovative focus on sustainability willbe to the fore.The accent will be on water efficiency, indoor pollution prevention and personal health, with no skimping on the ergonomics, colours and accessories that stir the emotions and underscore the feeling of wellness achieved in this particular space. 

 The SaloneSatellite Award is now into its 9th edition, while SaloneSatellite, dedicated to the under-35s, isinto its 21st, driven by a powerful and fascinating theme: Africa / America Latina: Rising Design – Design Emergente. Young designers from all over the world will present work harnessing the new technologies and craftsmanship, a return to the origins of design along with contemporary influences. The spotlight at SaloneSatellite will be on the Southern Hemisphere and includes an exhibition on the wealth of design in both continents. The Latin American side will be curated by the Campana brothers, and the African side by the Franco-Moroccan designer Hicham Lahlou, who is committed to promoting the up-and-coming generations of young African creatives. The 57th edition of the Salone del Mobile will also extend into the city, spreading its wings into the heart of Milan with a huge event underscoring the fact that there is more to the fair than just business. Far from it. There is a burning desire not to neglect the importance of emotions, of dreams, of everyday life and the beauty of the world around us.


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