Social and environmental responsibility for Zanotta

published on: 3 aprile 2019
Social and environmental responsibility for Zanotta
This statement is conceived to focus on Zanotta commitment towards the environment, on their will to “be a part” of the solution but also from the awareness to find themselves a step further in the sustainable path.  

Since ever Zanotta – one of the most qualified companies in the field of furnishing Design and project culture – has been manufacturing furniture pieces and accessories designed by the best designers on the national and international scene, following high-quality production processes and in full compliance with the environmental protection policy. 
Bearing in mind that one of the main requirements of environmental-friendly furnishing products is the longevity, Zanotta has always invested in those factors that determine the long-term of a furniture piece. First of all the Design, a real added value that may significantly help to prolong the products life. This has resulted in a great attention to the basic principles of "good Design", that being that must necessarily be also sustainable: disassembling, ergonomics, choice of non-toxic and hypo-allergenic materials, recyclable and not subject to rapid obsolescence, using standardized testing techniques for strength, functionality and durability of products. The approach for sustainable is therefore a wide-range commitment for Zanotta, including the workplace, the production processes, the products and the people. In this context, is central to the development of an environmental policy that primarily seeks to achieve the "zero emissions" – in air, water and soil – at the production site in Nova Milanese. 
For this purpose Zanotta has supported major investments and developed procedures to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact. The conduct of this policy has led today to ensure that emissions from Zanotta’s production facility are similar to those produced by a common dwelling house. Conceiving, designing and living work spaces with the same care and safeguards that usually occur at their home are a summary of this vision. With the conviction that sustainable development to be taken as a basic, means to first apply this principle to the place of operational and productive stay.

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