STM at Sicam 2017 with the latest news

published on: 3 ottobre 2017
STM at Sicam 2017 with the latest news
STM is an Italian manufacturer of furniture components; as a long time in the industry, STM has a wide range of products appreciated both nationally and internationally by the most important furniture makers and hardware dealers. Apart from the traditional products, STM has just launched a new line of extractable systems and developed two different product lines: tables and worktops. The aim is to cover different needs for space-saving solutionswhich are becoming more and more critical in order to fully exploit any available space.

STM also introduced new technical innovations, such as the patented recovery system for the table leg, showing continuous focus on innovation and ergonomics in order to improve the usability of domestic space. It is very important to rationally distribute spaces inside the house if we want to fully exploit them: as a consequence, any solution that saves space in a smart way providing extra surfaces can contribute to the overall furniture quality and usability.

Together with the models developed for kitchen, STM developed a full new line of devices that are dedicated to other environment such as living room or bedroom. These devices are only 40cm deep, and therefore comply to the different standard measures of this kind of furniture. With STM systems, it is easy to transform a library into a nice desk that can be placed back into the furniture once it is no longer used. The aim is to obtain the same advantages of the kitchen line by using any available space.

All products include different width, weight tolerance and extension length; moreover, there are several optional items that can be added in order to customize the product. For example it is possible to add a useful cutlery drawer under the worktops, or to adapt the frame to bi-folding or multi-folding surfaces in order to obtain a worktop which is larger than the module containing it. This extra items are important to allow users to customize the product, which is very important if we consider all the potential applications of these devices in the domestic environment.

Sicam 2017: Hall 1- Booth B28

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