The art of hospitality according to Mapei

published on: 29 marzo 2016
The art of hospitality according to Mapei
Fascinated by its history, culture and natural beauty, the things that make Italy such a charming and appealing country, visitors flock to its cities of art, its beaches and its tourist attractions in search of an unforgettable experience that lives up to their expectations. Those who travel, be it for business or pleasure, want to get the most enjoyment possible out of their stay; and to make a guest’s experience unforgettable is the greatest challenge for every hotelier. Finding the right balance between the friendliness and courtesy of the hotel staff, the welcome provided by the hotel structure itself and the range of commodities on offer is a form of art. The art of hospitality, to be precise. It is fundamental that resources are invested into the redevelopment of a hotel’s structure to be able to offer its clients, who are becoming increasingly demanding and attentive, a higher level of comfort in order for the hotel to be competitive on the hospitality market. Thanks to their vast experience in the hotel sector, with numerous reference projects both in Italy and abroad as a testimony of their expertise, Mapei offers numerous systems and solutions to suit the specific, wide ranging needs of hoteliers and their guests: from small interventions to refurbish dedicated spaces and areas for guests, to larger projects such as repairs to façades, or the installation of thermal insulation systems.

The solutions offered by Mapei are designed to cause the minimum disturbance possible to guests of the hotel. Fast Track Ready technology for example, developed by the Mapei Research & Development laboratories, allows systems to be installed quickly so that the areas and rooms being worked on are ready for use within a very short space of time. Such examples are our rapid systems for laying and grouting ceramic flooring or installing resilient flooring, or our systems for installing seamless resin or cementitious floors. Mapei’s rapid systems and solutions are also available for waterproofing tubs, swimming pools, SPA and wellness areas and terraces that need to be protected against infiltrations from water and steam. 

To create an environment that is welcoming and well-cared for, right down to the smallest detail, Mapei proposes various solutions for finishing off walls. Mapei protective and decorative paints protect walls against attack by mould and bacteria and also help decorate rooms, thanks to their mould-resistant and mildew-resistant properties and the special effects and finishes they allow you to create. 

To provide more comfortable surroundings and offer a higher sense of wellbeing for guests, Mapei also proposes installation systems for thermal insulation and soundproofing, for both new and old buildings. Mapei’s proposals are not limited to products for installing thermal insulating systems, but extend to a special system developed to allow ceramic tiles to be bonded to insulating panels. Comfort in a hotel also includes efficient soundproofing. Against the source of noise transmitted by footsteps, Mapei proposes systems made up of sheets, panels or rolls that can be applied very quickly over both existing floors and new floors. 

And when installing floor and wall coverings in kitchens and restaurants where food is prepared and served, guaranteeing compliance with current health and safety standards is of vital importance, for which Mapei proposes systems certified by important accredited bodies that guarantee the best operating conditions possible for those who work there and to safeguard the quality and safety of food

And lastly, Mapei has products for resin and cementitious floors and systems for underground car-parks that withstand heavy loads and goods being handled and moved around. Mapei systems guarantee a high level of protection for surfaces thanks to their special physical and mechanical properties while maintaining high safety standards and low maintenance costs.

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