The Arya indoor eco-sustainable project

published on: 15 marzo 2019
 The Arya indoor eco-sustainable project
Fassa Bortolo launches the "Arya indoor" project: a solution that responds to the problem of internal pollution through two products, the Gypsotech Gypso Arya HD plasterboard sheet and the Pothos 003 interior paint. 

People spend about 80% of their time indoors, but they are unlikely to worry about the quality of the air they breathe. Studies show instead that internal pollution can be up to ten times greater than the external one. The World Health Organization has also reported the dangers of indoor, biological, electromagnetic and chemical pollution. Their special formulation contains an additive useful for capturing formaldehyde in the environment (where it is normally in the gaseous state) transforming it into stable and harmless compounds. 
Fassa's goal, achieved through three years of research and testing in both Italian and foreign laboratories, is to improve living well-being, satisfying the needs of sector operators and an increasingly aware consumer. In doing so, Fassa can now put in place an Integrated System, so as to be a single interlocutor for all the processing phases and every type of work, both in the case of construction and renovation. 

• Gypsotech Gypso Arya HD: it is a plasterboard sheet usable on walls, counter-walls or false ceilings also in combination with other slabs. In the tests carried out, a carcinogenic molecule reduction is achieved up to 82%, for a guaranteed duration of about 30 years. 

• Pothos 003: is a breathable, odorless and solvent-free paint for interiors, covering and super-matt, for a perfect finish. In addition to being itself "solvent free", it is able to absorb up to 74% of the formaldehyde present in the environment, for a duration of 10 years.




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