The HoReCa Guide at Ambiente 2017

published on: 26 settembre 2016
The HoReCa Guide at Ambiente 2017
When it comes to large-scale projects for furnishing and equipping restaurants, hotels or cafés, the term used by professionals in Germany and many other European countries is HoReCa1. For the customer, buying in this way has an extremely positive impact on the price structure. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that the products meet the very high expectations on quality. HoReCa products transcend established user standards by a wide margin and, although they have to be robust, they must also be distinguished by a design attractive to guests. To ensure that the style and efficacy of cutlery, glasses, tablecloths, etc., fit with the spirit of their establishment, restaurateurs and hoteliers are reliant on a constant supply of new ideas. And a large proportion of them find the inspiration they require at Ambiente. The world’s leading trade fair for the consumer-goods industry is the ideal presentation platform for numerous international manufacturers of products for the hotel, restaurant and catering sector. There, buyers take advantage of the broad spectrum of products and impulses for their businesses. Moreover, trends discovered at the fair can be translated into orders on the spot. Thus, buying in this way has the advantage that buyers can judge the quality of the products using all their senses. Trust is the basis for business of this nature. And the best way to build up trust is via a personal exchange of ideas and information. Ambiente is the ideal platform for this. Thus, the coming Ambiente in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 14 February 2017 will once again be the platform where international manufacturers and retailers get together. 

The easy way to get around: the Ambiente HoReCa Guide 
Buyers wanting to assess the products of numerous international manufacturers in the medium to high-grade segment should make their way to Frankfurt with an HoReCa Guide under their arm and be prepared for a pleasant surprise at the fair. With this special guide, Ambiente aims to draw particular attention to the HoReCa segment, which has been growing in Frankfurt for many years. Buyers from hotels, restaurants and catering companies should be able to find their way around the halls easily and get to the right suppliers quickly and unerringly. In this, they will be helped not only by the ‘HoReCa’ label on the exhibition stands but also by the guide itself, which lists all suppliers of products for the foodservice sector and takes them straight to the appropriate exhibitors catering for their requirements. 

A growth market: the contract business 
The contract business is growing continuously in importance for consumer-goods manufacturers and is of particular significance for companies in the Dining section of Ambiente. For them, doing business with hotels, restaurants and catering companies is vital.



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