The installation by Iosa Ghini, HOME CO-THINKING, at Fuorisalone

published on: 16 maggio 2018
The installation by Iosa Ghini, HOME CO-THINKING, at Fuorisalone
“To define the idea of movement as life inside the house, but also as representation, is the fulcrum of this project,” says the architect Massimo Iosa Ghini. “Home Co-Thinking proposes the concept of a home as a place in which the immaterial element, namely the image interpreted in an eidomatic and more two-dimensional way, remains in the foreground with respect to the physical element, which by now is a ‘support device,’ where the home becomes a place of screens, windows and spaces that interact with each other and with other islands inside it.” 
The installation conveys the idea of a house that becomes shared and social thanks to technology. It is characterized by entrances, because every house has openings that suggest the idea of the window, the door, the perimeter. At the same time, it is an interior space interpreted as a place of sharing and conversation, around a table in ceramic material – a very planar porcelain stoneware – made with large panels. Outside, the enclosure is open, composed of ceramic slabs placed vertically, of very large size, attached to a steel structure, leaving plenty of room for hospitality and exploration.

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