The new finishes for Skin Collection

published on: 31 marzo 2017
The new finishes for Skin Collection
Environments are dressed with the weaving of our manufacturing history, teacher in the processing of unique outfits. The Italian tradition is the constant source of inspiration in creating decorative motifs with natural shades. 

It evokes, with an irresistible force, carefree past times, filled with elegance and at the same time full of purity and simplicity. With the awareness that the greatest perfection lies in nature, the source of inspiration is natural walnut, that creates textural decorations rich in optical and tactile sensations. 

A surface that is inspired by the world of spatulate resins, giving life to motifs enriched with tones ranging from cool and intriguing grey shades to bright or more subdued beige nuances, going through natural sandy colours. Its character is urban, but warm and natural at the same time.

It expresses a style of great uniqueness and aesthetic refinement, featuring opaque surfaces warmed by metal hues with a strong personality, telling us about a true “Made in Italy” design. 

Inspired by the soft sheen of natural stone, it subverts the traditional concept of coating proposing a material decorated with different shades, as existing in nature. Its strength is to foster harmony with any environment it gets in contact with.

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