News “a group of retailers for retailers”.

published on: 12 marzo 2015 “a group of retailers for retailers”.
The new brand ARREDA.NET intends to be “a group of retailers for retailers”. It may seem a strange definition at first glance, but it matches perfectly the intentions of the brand as a response to a real demand. We are know heading to Cuneo, the most occidental part of Piedmont, near the French border. An area full of ancient and well established companies, attached to traditions and ran with diligence by the inhabitant. It is in this zone that more than 50 retailers specialized in furniture and related accessories, all experienced professionals, joined forces within a consortium, an innovative initiative for this industry. The idea firstly came out from a group of companies located in Cuneo, succeeded in gathering retail outlets from nearly all regions, including Sicily and Sardinia. The consortium represents a real challenge to the trust for production and retailing, that for years has belong to Veneto, Lombardy and Tuscany. The aim is to provide private customers and Architectural firms a very useful references for offers and sales regarding furniture and related accessories, ensuring reliability and professionalism. ARREDA.NET has available a whole network composed with professionals that collaborate with the retailers of the consortium in order to propose to customers the best products, always matching functional and aesthetical demands: It is the first group able to satisfy any demand, even the most innovative one. And the initiative seems to work out perfectly: The consortium is growing fast and other outlets are expected to join, leading to retail network more and more widespread throughout the country. The consortium has its own website, that serves as a portal to browse and get all the needed information. Currently, the focus in on broadcasting the initiative in order to reach other potential retailers interested in joining the consortium. The objective is to wide spread the consortium in every region of Italy through communication with furniture retailers, selecting the best companies using the appeal of the consortium.



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