Total White Loft by Kerakoll Design House at Cersaie 2015

published on: 1 ottobre 2015
Total White Loft by Kerakoll Design House at Cersaie 2015
A New York loft with an industrial, contemporary feel, a space designed without the restrictions of traditional domestic architecture and furnished with various design icons in which the continuous surfaces are furnishing elements in their own right. This is the new exhibition area created by Kerakoll Design House_ at Cersaie 2015, a fluid, flexible living space in which the various rooms, from the living room to the kitchen, to the dining room, passing through the bedroom and bathroom suite, are reproduced in the selected colours WR00, WR01, WR02 and WR03 from the Warm Collection. A totally neutral architectural area that represents a sophisticated, modern home, thanks to a skilful use of colours and materials: floors in Microresina®, Cementoflex®, Cementoresina® and LegnoNat® guarantee the continuity of the rooms, while the pale coloured walls in Paint®, Patina®, Wallpaper®, Wallcrete®, Microresina Wall®, Cementoresina Wall®, LegnoNat® and Legno+Color® illuminate the space, giving a sense of depth and width.
Kerakoll Design House_ is a natural development for Kerakoll as part of their experience of interior design for the home environment. Under the direction of Piero Lissoni, the materials, textures and colours are able to dialogue and merge into a coherent musical score generating sophisticated harmonies of colours and materials.Kerakoll Design House_ is a new and alternative brand, capable of revitalizing the definition of home styling. 
Kerakoll Design House_ is a complete interior design project composed of ten innovative materials ranging from cement and resin for seamless floorings and coatings such as Cementoresina®, Cementoflex® and Cementocrudo®; to the Legno+Color® parquet in the three sizes of small, medium and large; the microresina® coatings – Wallcrete® and Wallpaper®; the decorative paints – Paint®, Patina®, Decor® – and finally the baseboard Invisibile®, all coordinated by the palette of ten warm and captivating colours from the Warm Collection.

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