published on: 9 dicembre 2015
We are ready for a new edition of the historic competition. We met Architect Armando Bruno who, since the 2014 edition, took the reins of the competition and coordinates its organization.

What were the most interesting moments of the previous editions? 
The most exciting moment of this competition is when the jury makes the route to verify the products at the fair and meet the designers. It is a moment, for the jury members, of exchange of observations and comments of the products as well as of discussion with the designers who developed them. What always emerges, which I especially like, is the passion for this work from both parts.
How long does it take the jury to determine the winning products? 
The jury members compare ideas at the end of the route at the fair and the discussions on some products are endless, and my role is to give a time limit in order to get to a name within the day. The debates are very passionate and sometimes the opinion on some products is completely inverted. In addition, the jury almost always is not content to give three prizes and would like to assign more, therefore to reach a conclusion is often complicated. 
Do you think this is an award to the product or the designer? 
The terms of evaluation of the jury, which this year is still being defined, are quite flexible. The award, in the initial selection, is definitely confined to the product but during the meeting with companies and designers the ability to tell about the work is very important. The role of two actors who give life to the products can definitely lead to a different judgment and give more value to the product. 
But who can register in Y&D in 2016 and what theme it will have?
Young&Design is a truly historic competition that has always enhanced visibility to the professional designers and also represents a real springboard for emerging youths. The registration is open to designers (including foreigners) who were born after 31/12/1980 and who have designed products realized with Italian companies. We have also given the opportunity to participate to the design studios where the rule is that at least 50% of the team must be within the age limits laid down in the notice. 
How to register for the Prize? 
Since December 1, the form for registration will be active in All designers can read the rules and procedures for proper registration.

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