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Michele De Lucchi first imagined the 298 (UniCredit Pavilion Project) chair as the seating for the multi-purpose building which he designed in natural materials and with innovative construction techniques. The UniCredit Pavilion, located in the new Porta Nuova area of the city, opens to the public in July. It was important that the seating designed for the UniCredit Pavilion would not only respect the aesthetics of the building but also respond to the numerous necessities of this dynamic space. Michele De Lucchi therefore studied and developed a sophisticated interpretation of the typical director’s chair in beech wood, a resistant and durable material. Each of the 900 chairs has an INOX steel mechanism which allows them to be easily folded away and neatly stored when not in use. Produced in the Cassina carpentry workshop with a number of highly advanced machines, the chair is further elaborated, finished and assembled by hand. The high quality workmanship can be seen in particular in the chair’s tapered wooden arms which smoothly curve into its legs, resulting in a light silhouette. The chair, with a padded seat and back rest upholstered in red fabric, has been left natural and finished with a low-gloss varnish to enhance the warmth of the wood. Wood has always been a favourite material for the architect Michele De Lucchi, so it seems more than natural for him to join forces with Cassina’s specialised carpentry craftsmen to develop a new piece of furniture for the brand’s collection. Functional and at the same time elegant, the 298 (UniCredit Pavilion Project) director’s chair is now available for the home where smaller spaces are more frequent and versatile furniture more popular. The chair’s fabric upholstery has in fact been extended to include a selection of six colours from the Cassina Panorama Collection.



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